Young Change Agents provides design-thinking based workshops for both students and educators. From design challenges, to 1-5 day workshops, through to a yearly program - our programs have been designed to scaffold entrepreneurial learning across the 10-21 age group. Click on the programs below for more information or contact us for a chat about your needs. Almost all of our programs can be delivered virtually if requested. 

Train-the-trainer program

Young Change Agents are passionate supporters of Australian teachers and we have co-designed with educators a 4-stage teacher capacity building process. We also provide online resources, quarterly challenges and ongoing support for our teacher champions!

Explorer Program

Our first stage social entrepreneurship program is a "hackathon style" workshop where teams identify problems within their communities then ideate, validate, prototype and pitch a social enterprise idea to a judging panel. Educators learn alongside students.

$20 Boss

$20 Boss is a free-to-access program that provides a tangible way of supporting students to learn, identify and talk about the skills they’re building. $20 Boss supports students to solve a real problem and helps them better understand their relationship with money.

YINC - Youth Incubator program

Students are empowered to bring their ideas to life with mentoring and masterclasses. This is a youth focused program that mirrors adult-based incubator programs in content and style. We also provide opportunities for young people to build their prototypes and crowdfund to launch their enterprise.

Teen in Business Awards

Young Change Agents is a founding partner of these national awards recognising the incredible entrepreneurial ideas and achievements of young people from across the country. Students will become part of a community of young change makers and get feedback on their ideas.

Design Challenges

We run design thinking challenges for young people that focus on a specific theme or issue and take students through empathy, problem definition, ideation, validation, prototyping and presenting their early stage idea. We also run quarterly nation-wide design challenges - check out past and current challenges!

Industry Intrapreneurship

This program is an opportunity for young people to experience solving real-world problems for companies across different industries. Students are presented with a problem and use design thinking processes to develop, validate and prototype solutions.


In partnership with Government and Industry, we facilitate codesign workshops with youth to capture their perspective and ideas on specific topics and challenges. Youth are tasked with identifying problems, providing their ideas and validating with other young people.

Academy for Enterprising Girls

This is a free, innovative entrepreneurship program, supported by the Australian Government designed to cultivate young women’s skills in design thinking, technology and business. Young Change Agents can bring the Academy to your school!

Navigating the Life of a Startup

This is a real-world experience of the life of a startup where students go through the process of launching, managing and closing an enterprise. It runs over a Semester or a full year and provides an opportunity for students for community and industry outreach.

Young Change Agents Club

This is a weekly lunch time or after school club program that empowers youth to develop and launch their own social enterprises with support from facilitators and mentors. This can be run directly for schools or at local libraries or start-up hubs!

Social Enterprise in a Box

This program launches a retail social enterprise within a school, providing a real-world experience of working in a venture for students. Students are empowered to design products for the store, provided with digital "currency" and additionally to learn financial literacy and sustainability.


"What I saw today was five teams who communicated ideas that frankly blew my mind.. ideas that could actually be applied today in practice.”

Laurence Street, General Manager, CSIRO

“It was amazing to watch the students come up with innovative ways to solve some of the greatest problems in our community. It reminded me how important it is to look at problems with a beginner's mind to come up with creative solutions."

Dorothee Clauss, Lead Solution Engineer, Salesforce

"We saw that the [YCA] program was a great mix of two things for our girls: (1) the design thinking process and (2) the whole entrepreneurial style of ideas being mixed with social consciousness which was important for us.”

Belinda Kelly, Principal Riverside Girls High School

"We saw that the [YCA] program was a great mix of two things for our girls: (1) the design thinking process and (2) the whole entrepreneurial style of ideas being mixed with social consciousness which was important for us.”

Belinda Kelly, Principal Riverside Girls High School

“I came in with the mentality that I couldn’t make a difference, but honestly I am leaving with the reality that I can.”

Youth Participant

“The program is the perfect combination of innovation and empowerment for young people. It gives them the opportunity to implement positive change based on community needs as they see it and empowers them to find strength in solutions.”

Malena Hawkins, Community Services Manager, Australian Red Cross