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Future of Food Youth Design Challenge


The Future of Food Youth Design Challenge will be available for delivery in Terms 1 & 2 in 2024. Sign up now to receive the resources.

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We start with a theme and end with a potential new enterprise.

Young Change Agents runs design thinking challenges for young people that focus on a specific theme and take students through empathy, ideation, validation and prototyping. In these programs we work with partners or schools to select a challenge that we share with students. Students then explore the problem, conduct empathy interviews and develop, validate, prototype and pitch a solution.

We also run nation-wide design challenges that young people can enter as individuals or with a team.

We can also work with organisations to design challenge themes that align with areas where they’d like to get student perspectives and ideas. If you have an opportunity you want young people's perspectives on please reach out!

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How to bring the Future of Fashion. Forward.

We coupled young fashion entrepreneurs with the leaders in fashion today to develop new and innovative concepts in fashion.

Bridging connection with fashion leaders with aspiring future entrepreneurs opened new doors for our participants.

Imagine the possibilities for youth equipped with financial skills sooner in life.

Financial skills are important both professionally and personally, yet for many people, money isn’t something we talk about at home or really understand how to manage.

The aim of this challenge was to get young people to understand how financial wellbeing impacts them, and use design thinking to come up with ways to make financial literacy more engaging, relevant and fun for young people to learn about.

"I came in with the mentality that I couldn't make a difference, but honestly I am leaving with the reality that I can."

Youth Participant