We believe in the power of social entrepreneurship to help young people change the world.

Young Change Agents is a nationwide social enterprise helping youth from all backgrounds see problems as opportunities through social entrepreneurship.

Young Change Agents for educators.

If young people are our future, educators will help shape that future.

We understand that educators are looking for effective solutions that can accommodate their existing demanding schedules.

Young Change Agents makes it easy for schools and teachers to introduce and embed entrepreneurial and design thinking.

In this video, educators who have been through our 4 stage capacity building program share their experience with Young Change Agents.

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Young Change Agents is a not for profit social enterprise focused on developing the mindset, skillset and toolset of youth aged 10 - 21. We do this through social entrepreneurship programs combined with educator capacity building, the amplification of youth ideas, and technology platforms that provide badging and ePortfolios.

We are equipping young people for their future careers and empowering them to create their own pathways. Have a look at some of our programs we offer below.

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"I came in with the mentality that I couldn't make a difference, but honestly I am leaving with the reality that I can."

Youth Participant

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Our partners

We'd like to thank our partners who enable us to bring our initiatives to as many young people as possible.

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"Young Change Agents provides a rare educational experience because it does not merely ask students to observe and catalog the world, but rather, to mold it. After learning how the world operates in a conventional classroom, YCA helps answer the often unarticulated question that lingers in the back of many students' minds: 'now what are you going to do about it?"

Douglas Abdiel | Strategy and Operations Manager, Google