Let's co-create this:

A collective vision for Entrepreneurial Education in Australia

Join us at E3 Leadership 2023

Young Change Agents is proud to share the release of the E3 Let's co-create this: A collective vision for Entrepreneurial Education in Australia report!

The E3 Unconference brought together 60 educators to co-create a vision for entrepreneurial education in Australia. Entrepreneurial learning provides students with the skills and mindset to identify problems and design solutions. It is not necessarily about encouraging students to become entrepreneurs, but rather to embrace the practical skills and apply them to their school, their community, and society at large.

  • What is entrepreneurial education and why it is important
  • The vision for national entrepreneurial education
  • A pathway to successfully implementing entrepreneurial education into any school
  • A breakdown of how to support entrepreneurial education at the individual educator level, school level, ecosystem level, and diversity and inclusion level
  • Input from real educators leading the way

Young Change Agents is committed to building a community of practice together with educators across Australia, learn more about this vision in the report.

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E3 Leadership: We invite Principals and leaders to join us to envision Entrepreneurial Education in Australia.

As schools across the country navigate the challenges and opportunities of introducing and embedding entrepreneurial models and systems into their school or network of schools, setting a panoramic national leadership vision for Entrepreneurial Education is paramount. 

E3 Leadership will bring together 60 principals and school leaders from across the country for a unique Unconference that will build on the work at the inaugural Entrepreneurial Educators Exchange in Adelaide 2022. 

Hosted by Principal Richard Abell and Assistant Principal Entrepreneurial Education Tom Griffiths at Seaton High School in partnership with Margaret O’Brien, CoFounder & CEO and Dr Renae Jones, Educator-in Residence at Young Change Agents, this event will provide participants with evidence, strategies and practical steps in navigating the future of entrepreneurial education.

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"Entrepreneurial education can be very empowering and allow students and teachers alike to create meaningful impact and change in our community and beyond."

 Tom Griffith, Seaton High School

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