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impact report 2022/23

the power of early and equitable access to entrepreneurial education

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Young Change Agents has been empowering young people through entrepreneurship since 2015.

The generous support of our funding partners has enabled us to deliver face-to-face educational programs, teacher development programs and our own proprietary technology.

With the strong interest in entrepreneurial learning in the education sector, Young Change Agents has the capacity to offer leadership and support to embed entrepreneurial learning in schools across the country.

Our aim is to make an ongoing, sustainable impact on young people, schools and communities, meaning a continued focus on growth and scaling our impact for the year ahead.

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A snapshot of our 2022/23 success

Over the last twelve months, we've successfully delivered our 2022/23 programs and design challenge series, led professional development programs and supported teachers to deliver programs to their students. But we haven't stopped there.

We've also secured new partnerships, launched new programs and initiatives, developed our technology, and built on our successes and relationships with partners, state governments and education departments.

These new partnerships and initiatives help extend our reach across the country, increase depth of learning, and ensure youth have early and equitable access to entrepreneurial education.

"The programs offered by Young Change Agents to our students give them access to a wide range of skills and encourage them to use critical thinking to address challenges in their community in a positive and creative way. Fostering a fresh voice and an opportunity to see an alternate point of view is a powerful tool. Young Change Agents supports equity in education in hard to reach places and we have been fortunate to work along side them."

Teacher, Haileybury Rendall School, NT

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