Investing in the future.

As a social enterprise driven to building entrepreneurial education, our focus is on technology that empower young people to reach their entrepreneurial potential.

Our approach is developing technology that will enable us to scale and reach more young people who may not have the the level of access they need.

We're continually on the lookout for new innovation and partners willing to help us achieve our vision so if you have an idea or want to support the development of our initiatives, we'd love to hear from you!

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The Buddy App.

The Buddy App is a digital tool that allows teachers and students to document and share entrepreneurial learning in one place.

It's a digital portfolio for young people to capture their skills development, their work and reflections, enabling them to articulate and share their capabilities.

Students are recognised by gaining badges for their achievements and can unlock advanced learning opportunities as they progress.

The Buddy App allows teachers to monitor student progress and efficiently mark student assessment once the program is complete.

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Retail rewards.

Retail Rewards is a key platform for our retail focused Social Enterprise in a Box programs. It allows students to earn and spend digital currency as they work and purchase items at the retail store in their school as well as donate or accumulate money - save, spend or give.

It also helps students and the school to track their stock. This platform provides a practical way for students to engage with finance and currency without requiring significant resources or actual money to change hands.

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Budgeting tool.

Schools supporting students to run enterprises at scale across the school are often met with the daunting experience of managing numerous pools of money, approving a myriad of financial decisions, and providing feedback in numerous forms on budgets.

The YCA Budgeting Tool simplifies this process, allowing students to get feedback, adjust their budgets, and get approval and then upload receipts all within one tool.

For programs like $20 Boss the tool can help track students paying back the $20 and the legacy fee, whilst for other programs where seed funding is provided to students, it can track their spending. This will help young people engage more actively in their financial decisions whilst making it more feasible for schools to support numerous entrepreneurs in their school.

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Amplify platform.

More than just a website.

The Young Change Agents website is an amplification platform that allows us to amplify and promote the voices, perspectives and ideas of young people.

Alumni and participants of Young Change Agents’ programs can create their own project page and link their social enterprise idea to the SDG's, detail their problem + solution and provide links to their website and other promotional channels. They can also link a crowdfunding campaign and request assistance with connections, advice and funding.

Partners have their own page on our Amplify platform that displays the collection of youth social enterprises developed with their support. This can be shared as part of the communications around the program. Stakeholders can view the projects and login to offer (moderated) feedback, connections and funding.