Introducing our Indigenous Engagement Lead, Kamilaroi woman Tiffani Seaton!

We are excited to introduce our Indigenous Engagement Lead, Tiffani Seaton!

As a Kamilaroi woman, Tiff is passionate about closing the gap and creating more opportunities for Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander people and their communities. She is excited to join Young Change Agents in empowering young people to reach their full potential while shaping a brighter future. 

With an extensive background working in the non-for-profit sector, Tiff has always felt the need to make the world a better place. She has a wide skill set with experience in events, community development, business development, youth work and more. Her particular interests are in Indigenous education, diversity and equality advocacy and sustainability. 

Tiff believes that an organisations external impact is only as great as its internal impact. Due to this, she is passionate about cultural education within the workplace and is excited to bring her drive and experience to the Young Change Agents team. 

Here is a little bit of Tiff’s story: 

“I was 14 years old when I learnt about my Indigenous heritage. As you could imagine, this led me on a mission of self-discovery as I struggled to grasp how I did not know about this massive element of my identity.

Delving into the depths of my Indigenous heritage breathed new life into my existence. I began to understand core elements about myself such as an innate bond with nature, unwavering connections with loved ones, an insatiable passion for storytelling, and an irresistible allure towards the water. All of these elements shaping my personality, identity, and spirit, owe their origins to the profound ties I share with my ancestors.

I believe that education is power, and with this power we can create positive change in society. My aim is to create sustainable, community driven impact within First Nation communities that empowers Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander people not only now, but into the future.”

Feel free to reach out to Tiff at if you want to know more about our Lighting the Spark program and/or the work with First Nations organisations and communities. 

Want to learn more about our impact? Download our Lighting the Spark report via the link below!