Young Change Agents invites 15 youth founders to Mental Health YINC

In 2019, Young Change Agents partnered with the NSW Government Department of Family & Community Services to deliver a youth incubator (YINC) focused on youth mental health. The project supported Young Change Agents alumni from across NSW to launch a product-based social enterprise.The social enterprises all had a common social purpose – youth mental health.

The project enabled participants to develop their enterprise skills and included intensive workshops on product design and manufacturing, marketing and crowdfunding. Participants consisted of 15 youth founders and 20 youth mentors. YCA delivered a 3-day workshop and eight webinars between April – September 2019.

By the end of the project, five product-based social enterprises were launched: AromaKey, Pidget Fencil, Link Lamp, Cerebrum and Move Mat. Participants also created videos to support crowdfunding efforts – all five social enterprises raised the capital they needed.