Coronavirus Youth Design Challenge

10-21 years old? Be a problem solver! Brainstorm ideas and submit your solution.
Open March 23-April 29. $3,000 rewards pool.



The Challenge

On TIkTok, an idea to create a #washyourhands challenge has helped pass on the message of hand hygiene to millions of young people around the world - helping reduce the spread of Coronavirus! Fantastic right? Now it’s your turn! What problems do you see out there due to the Coronavirus and what ideas can you come up with to help?!

This is a challenge you can do on your own or with a friend or a team. The top 20 ideas will get featured on our website and social media channels and grab a part of our $3,000 rewards pool! You might even get connected to someone who can help you make your idea a reality! All ideas must be submitted by the 5pm 29th April 2020 to be considered!


Who are we?
Young Change Agents is a not-for-profit social enterprise that empowers young people across Australia to find problems in their community, reframe them as opportunities, and then come up with solutions. Whilst we can’t run any big events right now, we still want to support young people like yourselves to be Young Change Agents!


Why is this important? All sorts of problems have emerged due to the coronavirus!

  • People are isolated from their usual social circles
  • People are more anxious and stressed
  • Families are spending more time together indoors.
  • Lockdowns and cancellations are reducing people’s work hours or in some cases causing unemployment (especially in industries like hospitality/creative industries like music/theatre and sport.
  • People can’t access the things they want easily - toilet paper for example!
  • Supply chains have been disrupted as we can’t trade or move goods as freely across borders
  • Learning is moving more online and people don’t have access to tech or know how to use it!
  • The list goes on!

Rewards Pool - get your ideas in by the 29th April to be considered by our judging panel (see below!)

There will be two categories

1. 10-15 years old's (3 winners will be chosen)

2. 16-21 year old's (3 winners will be chosen)

The winners will receive:

  • An awesome JBL Flip Essential Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • A special reward from one of our social enterprise friends - The Social Outfit, Studio A or Good360
  • A virtual mentoring package from Young Change Agents (2 x 1 hr sessions)
  • Plus the opportunity to be featured on our website and in our top ideas media campaign!

14 Runners-Up will also receive a special reward for taking part and be featured on our site as a runner-up!

Winners will be announced here on May 6th. Judges decision is final!


This challenge is simple:

1. Identify a problem
Look around your community and identify some problems related to the Coronavirus that you want to solve. You might do this through talking to people you know about some of the problems they’re experiencing (we recommend using the phone or internet for this rather than going to see people in person). You might also do some online research about the problems that different groups (e.g. young people, old people, casual staff) are experiencing because of Coronavirus. Once you’ve found a few different problems think about the one you are the most passionate about.

2. Reframe it as an opportunity
At Young Change Agents we like to think about opportunities rather than problems. This helps you to be creative and innovate, rather than focus on a negative situation. To turn your problem into an opportunity you can think about what causes that problem and then how you can reframe it as an opportunity to create change. For example,  the Tik Tok #washyourhands problem was that the virus was spreading through hand contact. The opportunity was framed as, “How might we teach young people to wash their hands in a fun way?”. Try and write up your problem as an opportunity starting with, ‘How might we…?

3. Define your audience
To create a solution that will have a positive impact you need to think about who the impact is for. You can do this by thinking about the problem and who is actually experiencing it. Is it parents, young people, workers? Try and figure out the type of people that you want to help.

4. Come up with some ideas
Now is the time to be creative! Get a notebook, post-its or some coloured paper and come up with as many ideas as you can. Imagine you have one million dollars and you can do anything you want. Imagine you had to use tech to do it. Then imagine you had no access to tech..what would you do? Push yourself to come up with at least ten different ideas. Then take a break and try and come up with even more! Think about your audience you chose and how you could best help them. Once you’ve got a lot of ideas choose the one you think would best solve your opportunity. This is your solution.

5. Test your solution
Before you share your ideas, it’s a good idea to test and improve them. For example, you might talk to your parents about the opportunity you’ve found and your idea and ask for some feedback. This can help you to make your idea even better. You might also try and talk to some people that are your audience - someone who would be impacted by your opportunity. Don’t forget to try and avoid close contact with people and use the internet and the phone where possible.

6. Share!
Now that you’ve got an idea, we want to hear it! Fill out THIS form and share it with us. We’ll also ask for a picture of your solution. This could be of your brainstorming, a picture of what your idea would look like, a poster promoting your idea or something else that is a visual representation of your idea.


Challenge Tips


For Educators

Would you like to run this as a 1-2 hour design-thinking challenge for your class? Young Change Agents have designed a free classroom kit for all Australian schools.


For Parents (of Under 18 Entrants)

This is a great activity to do with your child to re-frame current challenges as an opportunity to problem-solve. You or your child will need to create an account to post their project idea! Point your child to this page to work through independently using the instructions to the left and video tips OR you can run this as a 90 min challenge at home using our worksheet and guide! T&C's on the sign-up form!

Special Guest Judges

Jackie Coates

Head of Telstra


Annie Parker

Global Head Startups


Mia Garlick

Director of Policy ANZ


Sam Benjamin

Founder & Managing Director

Seventh Street Ventures

Sachin Shah & Adam Miller


The Sachin & Adam Show

Samantha Yorke

Government Affairs & Public Policy