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Diversity is one of Australia’s greatest strengths. By embracing diversity and ensuring inclusivity, Australia can improve community engagement and belonging as well as increase innovation and creativity. 

The Diversity and Inclusion Youth Challenge aims to:

  • Increase understanding between diverse groups including culturally and linguistically diverse, Indigenous Australians and people with disability
  • Increase opportunities to support the economic and social aspirations of people from diverse backgrounds 
  • Increase community capacity to address emerging issues and foster access to services
  • Increase engagement of general community groups in connecting and welcoming people from diverse backgrounds into a wide range of community activities.

That's why between July to November 2023, we will be challenging young people aged 10-21 across Australia to ideate solutions to:

"How might we reimagine a more diverse, inclusive and accessible world for young people?" 

As part of this challenge, we're asking young people to focus on one of five key themes: 

  1. Cultural Diversity: How might we encourage the practice of understanding and celebrating people from different social and ethnic backgrounds including First Nations people?
  2. Accessibility: How might we help create safe, accessible and inclusive practices and spaces for people with seen and/or unseen disabilities?
  3. Identity: How might we help create safe, accessible and inclusive practices and spaces for everyone?
  4. Regional and Rural Development: How might we build diversity, inclusion and accessibility in regional and rural Australia to support local communities?
  5. Technology: How might we utilise technology to encourage and enable accessible and/ or inclusive practices?

See below for all the Challenge Details! We will be adding our special guest Judges for this Challenge shortly!

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How is the challenge structured?

By submitting your idea via the Young Change Agents website, you'll automatically be entered into the challenge and you can also be notified of other opportunities that may help support your idea in the future.

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Ready to take on the challenge and come up with creative ideas for our Diversity and Inclusion Youth Design Challenge. Do you have an idea that you think could change the world?

Sign up for the challenge, share your idea, and have the chance to get the support you need to make your idea a reality!

For Educators

To get access to all the resources you need to run this challenge, including worksheets, curriculum links, slides, and other activities, sign up!

If you're interested in Young Change Agents running a facilitated challenge for your students, please get in touch or book a workshop with us via the Contact page. 

For Parents (of Under 18 Entrants)

Our Diversity & Inclusion Youth Design Challenge is a great activity to build your children's confidence, and resilience and encourages them to view problems as opportunities. We provide you with all the resources you need to run this challenge with your children, including instructions on running the activities, submitting an entry, and additional resources.

This challenge is great for parents of creative and curious children who need an engaging and hands-on activity to build their entrepreneurial mindset, skillset, and toolset.

Arshia Rana

Founder In My Opinion

Aaryan Shah

Broadcaster and Board member

Natasha Short

Founder Kimberley Jiyigas 

Dr Sharon Zivkovic

Founder Community Capacity Builders (including the Centre for Autistic Social Entrepreneurship)

Elisha Taderera

Social Entrepreneur, Storyteller & Innovation Ecosystem Enabler

Matt Levy OAM

Paralympian and disability and inclusion advocate