Aqua Verde | A sustainable solution to saving water in the shower

Project Team:

Annabelle Harman , Alex Power , Jess Van Extel , Zara Naismith , Lara Farrell


New Idea

Social Purpose

Clean Water & Sanitation

What is the problem you found?

Too much water waste and usage is found within households (not using water sustainably).

What is your opportunity?

How might we make a change in our households and communities to reduce our water usage?

Who is your audience?

Elderly man looking to be more sustainable, looking for a cheap and effective idea
College students looking for a way to be more sustainable while making a difference and using less water between them and their roommates - saving money by using less water

What Is Your Solution?

To create a sustainable shower head that uses high water pressure and fewer amounts of water to improve your shower experience. It also uses rainwater to ensure we aren't wasting all our water resources - especially when water is scarce during droughts and other disasters etc.

For each showerhead purchased, we will donate one litre of water to people in need within remote communities. After your shower, the water will be stored, filtered and then reused for your next shower.

Support Required


We need advice about the logistics of creating a shower head like this so we can reduce water usage.

We'd also like advice on creating an app to track how much water our showers are using and how this technology can be integrated into the shower head. 

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