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New Idea

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Caitlyn Nesbitt, Heidi Nesbitt

What is the problem you found?

The problem we found is that a lot of large corporations and chains are taking away from people buying local and from small businesses. This has both environmental and economic effects. This includes increased food mileage and greenhouse gasses, as well as economic losses for small businesses and local producers and retailers. 

What is your opportunity?

How might we educate people about the importance of locally sourced food and make it easier to buy locally sourced foods from small businesses?

Who is your audience?

Our primary audience is families and anyone who buys groceries, especially if they are interested in shopping locally.

What Is Your Solution?

We have come up with the idea of a website that allows you to see all of the small businesses near you, no matter where you are around Australia. You can see all of the shops in your suburb and look at any of the items and all the information about where they have been sourced and how they have been produced, bringing visibility to the sustainability of your products. The platform will also enable bundles of local food, from a range of producers and retailers, to be delivered your door, removing the hassle of having to go to different stores. There will also be the option to have a meal delivery-style subscription. 

Support Required


We need support in creating a website and contacting stores to participate in delivery services and online promotions. 

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