Una Stella | We aim to eliminate gender roles and make people feel comfortable in what they can wear by producing unisex customisable clothing.

Project Team:

Tilly , Ava , Linh , Jahna



Social Purpose

Gender Equality

What is the problem you found?

Our customers are experiencing feelings of displacement in their community. They could be feeling as though they can't express themselves due to societies pressure and 'norms'.

What is your opportunity?

How might we eliminate gender roles and educate/promote equal rights?

Who is your audience?

Our customers are anyone who wants to support eliminating gender roles and help educate people about equality and equal rights. We will start by focusing with people in our local areas.

What Is Your Solution?

Our solution to this problem is to create a brand of customisable  unisex clothing. We aim to inspire people to be themselves. We are also posting encouraging things to our target audiences, teens and young adults via instagram.

Image of bags

Support Required


We need help in finding companies to partner with, and how to connect and engage with the community online.


We have started a GoFundMe to start off with a goal of $5600. We have received a few donations already. We need people who will be willing to help us out with funding so we can start up. Also we looked into business/young entrepreneurs companies who may be able to fund our project. 



We would like advice on what products to produce, and how to produce them.


We need access to manufacturing and a company who can provide products to us.

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