(Judge's Choice) Fresh and Wild Travel | An Eco friendly toiletries travel pack.

Project Team:

Mia Threadgold , Ella Dean , Mia Penhall


New Idea

Social Purpose

Sustainable Cities & Communities

What is the problem you found?

A problem we have found that heavily impacts society today when wanting to travel, includes not finding a safe, sustainable and clean way to spend their holiday.

A survey was conducted to see just how many people feel as though they are not being sustainable enough, clean enough or eco-friendly while traveling, over 50% of the survey came back saying they agreed with this statement and wanted to be apart of a more sustainable and eco-friendly travel experience, but of course at a low price.

This we know is becoming common issue that is continuously arising among the travel and tourism industry. 

What is your opportunity?

How might we better improve the travel industry by creating a sustainable solution in hopes put an end to any toxic waste, pollution and use of unsustainable products while on a holiday?

Who is your audience?

Our Customers are any travellers, that are willing to make their holiday eco-friendly and sustainable!

What Is Your Solution?

Fresh And Wild Travel Packs. This is the name of our new, sustainable, eco-friendly, low price and of course classy, toiletry pack. This pack consists of a seven day toiletry section, dedicated to the organisation of soap bars, shampoo bars and conditioner bars; and on top of this, our pack includes a tin of toothpaste tablets as well as a complementary bamboo toothbrush.

Why a toiletry pack? 

Fresh And Wild Travel Packs are 100% sustainable, including ONLY eco-friendly products. After extensive research on the impacts of ordinary hotel shampoo, conditioner and soap, we have found that many shampoos are full of significant amounts of harmful chemicals that many of us would have never heard of (and aren’t able to pronounce). These chemicals may not only be harmful to us, but will also harm the environment. When we wash our hair, the water in which drains from our shower or bath, ends up in our oceans, waterways, lakes, rivers ect. This water is contaminated with these chemicals found in our shampoo! This is extremely damaging to the environment. In addition to these chemicals, everyone is aware of the many shampoos sold in plastic bottles, these are more often than not, totally un-recyclable. These bottles have caused a tremendous amount of waste and done extensive damage to our planet. As well as shampoo, soap and conditioner bottles are dumped in our landfills and oceans, harming our atmosphere and even wildlife while they are taking thousands of years to fully decompose. 

What have we done to solve this problem?

Fresh And Wilds seven day, organised pack, comes with a range of shampoo and conditioner bars, as well as soap for everyday of a travellers trip! Now, to minimise any water wastage at all, these shampoo and conditioner bars have been placed in days 2, 4 and 6 of our pack. 

What is the benefit of these bars? 

Well, these bars are known for their planet friendly ingredients, consist of no liquid (they are solid bars), they are compact and easy to store in any luggage, bag or suitcase, made with natural ingredients and is of course 100% travel friendly!

What if your holiday is longer than seven days?

Fresh And Wild has developed multiple parks, ranging from small 3 day packs, to a large 24 days! Costs are not a problem, with all our packs prices ranging under $30! 

What about toothpastes effect on the environment? 

Toothpaste has just as worse of an impact!

We have found that nearly every single year 1.7 billion toothpaste tubes on average end up in landfills (the plastic within the tubes need about 500 years to completely degrade), this means that b y brushing our teeth everyday, we are contributing to the plastic that ends up in our landfills and in our oceans in a significant way. But...we cant exactly stop brushing our teeth, so what could you possibly do instead? Fresh And Wild has included a tin of toothpaste tablets into our travel packs, to help travellers be just that extra bit eco-friendly while traveling sustainably! 

What is a toothpaste tablet? 

Toothpaste tablets are simply a normal toothpaste formula just made without water. The tablets are pressed into a pill-like form instead of being squeezed into one of those harmful tubes! To use them, all you are required to do is pop a tablet into your mouth and chew! letting your saliva do the rest, a swig of water might also do the trick. This helps the tablet break down into paste and then all thats left to do is brush using a wet toothbrush. That's it! Included in this section of our pack is a sustainable bamboo toothbrush. Bamboo toothbrushes were made to reduce the waste and are actually anti-microbial! On top of this a bamboo-based toothbrush eliminates unnecessary waste while giving you the same quality of cleaning that a plastic brush would typically offer! 

Now, this is all great but, there is more! 

All these Fresh And Wild products are packaged in our eco-friendly, biodegradable box, which can be taken on planes, boats and ANY other mode of transport! Over all, we have developed a product that will help travellers to find a safe, sustainable and clean way to spend their holiday! 

We hope you love our solution! 

Thank you! 



Support Required


Fresh And Wild have designed a prototype for our package, in order to further develop our product, expert advice from a company like Detmold would be extremely beneficial, as they would help us advance any technical specifications on sizing, paper, how to keep the product fresh and its biodegradability/recyclability of our packaging!

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