Social Enterprise in a box.

A social enterprise in your school.

This program launches a social enterprise within a school, providing a real-world experience of working in a venture for students. Students are empowered to design, launch and manage the social enterprise.

Young Change Agents facilitates workshops with students to develop the brand and logo of the shop and decide what they will stock. We also codesign the shop logistics and experience with students. This program also also allows students to experience budgeting and managing funds without using real money through our platform that tracks their income and spending.

Our social enterprise in a box program is delivered in partnership with Good 360, a not for profit organisation that repurposes surplus brand new goods and directing them to the Australians who need them most. They donate products to the in-school social enterprises to provide approximately 50% of the stock.

This program is only available to schools with an ICSEA under 1000.

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The first ever retail social enterprise in a school.


Merrylands East Public School launches a retail space for their social enterprise. Find out how they did it with the help of Young Change Agents and Good 360.

"Education today needs to go beyond the traditional curriculum. Students need opportunities to develop skills that are going to best equip them for success now and into their futures. Developing entrepreneurial skills and being able to solve problems with innovative and creative ideas empowers students to believe that they can make a difference..."

Ben Woods

Education Officer, School Improvement Services Primary, Catholic Education - Diocese of Wollongong