Train the trainer program.

The 4 pillars of our best in class teacher support.

1. Organise

We spend time with the organising teacher prior to the session to help them set up the program for success at their school, provide basic principles of social entrepreneurship and design thinking and discuss how and who to recruit for the first program.

2. Participate

Teachers participate in a YCA facilitated program to experience the activities. This is a powerful way to understand the challenges and expectations of each activity. We brief the teachers before each activity and also explain why we are making suggestions and what to do to help teams if they are having difficulties. They also get to see how their students respond to the content.

3. Development

Teachers can access and undertake the online learning via the Young Change Agents platform. ($225 per licence per year).

4. Support

Teachers are able to run programs at their school for additional students, supported by the online resources from Young Change Agents.

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“…Their approach of building the capacity of teachers to engage their students with entrepreneurship is an effective way to support our schools and engage young learners, preparing them for the future. I strongly believe in the Young Change Agents team and their ability to develop the capabilities that young people need to thrive"

Murray Hurps | Director of Entrepreneurship, UTS

Previously CEO of Fishburners and Startup Muster