YINC - Youth Incubator

Our initial programs have shown that up to 50% of teams are wanting to further progress their ideas to the next stage. For this reason, we have introduced a 2nd stage, called YINC which is an incubator program that mirrors adult-based incubator programs in content and style. 

The YINC is by invitation, based on the top ideas from the alumni of Young Change Agents in the region. Teams can also select additional team members to join them if desired. The selection process will be mirrored to the judging criteria of the pitches at the 2.5 day program, namely:

  • Model (business model).
  • Market potential (is there a market, what will be the social impact).
  • Management team (why are you the team to make this happen).
  • Momentum (what have you done so far (prototype/validation).



  • Understanding of the next steps in taking an idea and developing a business plan.
  • A cycle of prototyping and customer validation that allows them to iterate their product and service in line with customer needs and skills.
  • Engagement with mentors to create confidence and a transfer of knowledge.
  • Exposure to industry experts and entrepreneurs (inspiration and confidence).
  • Specific new learning topics including marketing, legal, finance and risk.

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Watch this video to hear about a YINC we ran in NSW with Atlassian: 

YINC Sponsors & Supporters

YINC is made possible with sponsorship and support from some key partners