Banksia Candles | It is important to us to create environmentally-friendly and unique candles for an affordable price, while donating all profits towards the Cancer Council.

Project Team:

Seth , Ruby , Lewis


$20 Boss

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing


What is the problem you found?

Our problem statement is 'How might we reduce stress while still keeping a sustainable approach to business?' To reduce stress we created a wide range of scented, soy candles with natural essential oils. However, we created a sustainable approach by buying every jar from Opportunity Shops and purchasing natural soy wax from a local Australian business. We then hand-poured the wax into our jars, and decorated them with left-over lace and ribbon found around at family and friends homes. 

Customer / Problem

Our customer age is a wide range, from pre-teens to the elderly. If anyone has any stress or problems, our product range is perfect for them. As there is many violence and hate in the world, we created a scent range with 7 scents. Our customer can meet these needs of relaxation with a unique candle that suits them best.

What Is Your Solution?

Our solution to the problem of people being stressed out is by using scents and essential oils that are known to calm people like lemon myrtle and lavender. We also make every candle unique and carefully decorated so that the people can find a candle that they like the look and smell of. We designed each candle with unique jars and matching ribbons so that customers can choose a candle that suits them. 


Support Required






When starting our business, we needed advice on how to start. As our budget was $60, we needed cheap and affordable glasses, and we needed advice on where to get them. So, we looked online and saw that jars would be spread at Op-shops, which are plentiful in our region. We also didn't know much about making candles, so we got advice from a friend that has a candle making business, and we needed things like thermometer, syringes, and a proper technique. Our business could still use a little advice here and there, as we haven't quite yet mastered the candle making technique, but is more than close at doing so.



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$20 Boss