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Project Team:

Theekshitha , Diyenka , Inuki


$20 Boss

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

How might we encourage more locals to get off electronics and try new forms of communication? In an ideal world, excluding Covid- 19, people would gather and meet up at parks, beaches and tourist attractions to bond together.

But with this option placed on hold, instantly, we all turn to laptops, phones, watches and other devices to collaborate with others. Too much screen time can end with highly negative impacts like fatigue, migraines and even rare eye diseases. People need a way to communicate without technology being the only choice. 

Customer / Problem

Many of us, such as young children, teenagers and adults have been afflicted with Covid- 19 outbreaks and are forced to attend school from home and work online. As a result of this, our daily average screen time is growing rapidly and clearly is something that our business are more than mildly concerned about.

Too much time online is the core of the apple that founded our business.  

What Is Your Solution?

Cute Creations & Co was curated to help customers take a break from having their eyes glued to the screens for long durations of time and try communicating with their friends, family and acquaintances that have stuck and broken apart due to this virus.

Our mainly sold product, called 'Letter Sets' are themed and customised compact sets of all the items used to write and decorate personalised letters to their companions without having to work up all of that eye power to write an email or text message that hurt their eyes and forehead. As an advantage, our customers can also develop their artistic abilities and have their sets customised to their or the sender's liking to showcase inner personalities. Some examples of customised letter sets that we have previously made are Pusheen and Miraculous themed Letter Sets. We also advertise little party decoraction packs to remind our target audience that freedom can be experienced in countless ways.

Last but not least, we sell extra stickers, washi tapes and collectible stationery- since we have to look at everything as an opportunity for business.

Additionally, ALL of our earnings are annually donated to our chosen charity, the Royal Children's Hospital, because we feel that they are one of the most important age groups that would like to purchase some of our items.

Support Required


We would heartily appreciate any amount of funding, even if it is only five dollars, because no matter how large or small a portion of funding is, it can always go to good and proper use.

Cute Creations & Co is built to embolden and motivate those people out there who are sick and tired of having to be online for so long. This form of non- electrical communication is significantly beneficial to even improve physical and mental health of fellow citizens. 

So any donations would count to develop our business, remembering that every single profit goes toward the Royal Children's Hospital. And, as my team learnt while participating in $20 Boss, every dollar counts!

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$20 Boss