Melody Health | We want our idea to help people express themselves through music; no matter what situation they're in.

Project Team:

Dulini , Tahani , Luthara , Damien Meuiner (Mentor)


$20 Boss

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

How might we help people with their mental health struggles?

We found the issue significant as many people struggle with this daily. 

Customer / Problem

Music is away our customers can express themselves. Many of our customers see music in a way that helps them relieve stress and anxiety. Not only that but specific songs may connect and relate to our customers in a personal way.

The customisation of our plaque's help customers gain more connection and value thus adding more meaning to the product.

What Is Your Solution?

Music is a worldwide language that connects people around the world and helps encourage them to love themselves. Our business promotes this idea and helps people feel motivated through the love of music many shares.

We do this through the creation of our Spotify plaques which is customisable to the consumer's preferences. We provide a product that can be displayed and it has a scanable code that allows you to play the song you chose on your plaque. 

Support Required


We would like to have connections with Spotify because it would allow us to expand our business further since it is a popular app. If our business expands even further, collaborating with music producers and artists to promote their music/albums would be possible.


Our business would need funding to support us when supplying materials. Furthermore, we would need support to manufacture our products in a more efficient manner. This could be done with a team of more people, or machinery. 


We would need development support to create our products in a more efficient manner. We could also use development support to promote using technology to help expand our business first locally and hopefully further. 

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$20 Boss