Rust Reloaded | To reduce landfill and help the environment

Project Team:

Luke Humphrys


$20 Boss

Social Purpose

Climate Action


What is the problem you found?

How might we reduce the amount of metal going into landfill?

Customer / Problem

My customers are people who enjoy individual, creative recycled garden art, people who care about the environment and want to help reduce land fill by buying sculptures made from recycled metal. 

What Is Your Solution?

My solution is to help reduce landfill and help save the environment. Playing my part to reduce landfill, I create one off, individual sculptures and objects for your garden, using rusty recycled materials that I have sourced from friends, family, local farms, and properties in the Adelaide Hills. I collect shovels, rakes, nuts, bolts, chains and old drills, through to spare parts from cars, all sorts of things that are laying around on peoples farms and in their sheds. Rusty junk that people would normally throw away or leave to rust away and damage our environment and animals habitat.

I get to make something for others to enjoy. I love watching the joy on people’s faces when they buy my work. No two pieces that I create are the same. I care for our environment and want to do my part to help keep it clean. I love welding so I’m using these skills to help look after our environment where I can.

Support Required


Looking for people to help spread the word on what i'm doing and possible places to sell my work.


Looking for funding to purchase a higher quality welder and a oxy acetylene torch so that i can heat up metal (which will allow me to increase the range of work that i can create). I would like to be able to bend metal rods.


Looking for support on welding different materials, and trouble shooting problems with my welder.

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$20 Boss



South Australia