ABBA Headphones | Making train rides more comfortable for people with sensory needs



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What is the problem you found?

How might we make train rides more comfortable for people with sensory needs?

Customer / Problem

Our customer is people with disabilities who may have sensitivities to loud noises and lights on trains. Public transport is an essential way for people to get around the city, but often there is little consideration made for accessibility.

People with sensory needs may feel uncomfortable on trains and their journey could become overwhelming.

What Is Your Solution?

ABBA Headphones produces packs for people with sensory needs that include a range of tools to make train rides more comfortable. The main part of the pack is the headphones, accompanied by a curated playlist with songs by ABBA and the Jackson Five. 

The pack also includes a bag of fidget toys to offer something more tactile.

ABBA trains

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