Aquatics for kids. | Preventing thousands of drowning each year.

Project Team:

Claire P. , Rhianna R. , Cayla W. , Amber D. , Millie P.


New Idea

Social Purpose

No Poverty

What is the problem you found?

How might we teach kids how to swim, especially while on holidays? 

Customer / Problem

Our customers are families who don't have the time or money for both swimming lessons and holidays. Our courses let kids experience the beauty of swimming while you are on vacation. This is ideal, especially with families with multiple children.

What Is Your Solution?

Aquatics for kids provides safety and swimming lessons for all ages at Australian hotels. It provides programs for the disabled and the disadvantaged. We also have fun games and theme days like Mexican Monday or Froggy Friday. We also provide underwater aerobics. All programmes are lead by professional instructors and are affordably priced compared to the going rates for swimming lessons. 

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