To Be Seen is to be Heard

Be Seen Foundation | Enhancing young people's emotional awareness and sense of self.

Project Team:

Siobhan Kellaghan-Tasker , Olivia Tait



Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

How might we enhance young people's emotional awareness and sense of self?

Customer / Problem

Our organisation is designed to support children and young people of primary school age who may feel disconnected from themselves, and their communities. Our program participants may not have had the ability to build up social and personal skills such as resilience, and problem solving. 

This can lead to feelings of being 'lost', and behavioural issues.  

What Is Your Solution?

Be Seen offers programs including mentoring, workshops, children's books, and other initiatives to enhance young people's emotional awareness, sense of self, stress management, and leadership. 

This equips the upcoming generation with the skills, tools, and support to be the best and most self aware version of themselves.

The Be Seen Foundation was founded by Siobhan Kellaghan-Tasker and developed further through the YCA x Rotary Club of Brighton Be Your Own Boss Program. The organisation was awarded third place at the Community Showcase event in November 2021. 

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