Bee Sustainable HomeBase | Supporting homeless adolescents in the community

Project Team:

Felicity , Mahalia , Kayla-Rose , Keely , Hanan


New Idea

Social Purpose

No Poverty

What is the problem you found?

Homelessness in Hobart, particularly for people under age 30.


How might we provide more affordable housing to people living in Hobart?

Customer / Problem

Young people in Hobart are living without a home and without the skills and resources, they need to improve their wellbeing. 

What Is Your Solution?

Repurposing of an abandoned building in Hobart to develop a homeless shelter for youth, which is focused on providing skills and capacity building as well as support and protection. People staying at the shelter will learn skills that will allow them to generate an income in the future. 

The shelter will also have three stores that allow young people to gain confidence, empowerment, and skills whilst working at the stores. 


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