Can Tag | Times are tough/ No one is interested in helping local young people and are too busy looking after themselves

Project Team:

Ella Hutchison , Riley Moulder , Brodie Forester


New Idea

Social Purpose

Peace & Justice Strong Institutions

What is the problem you found?

How might we make people take graffiti seriously as an art and create a place where young people be entertained and fulfilled?


Customer / Problem

Young people don’t have a place where they can practice the art of graffiti without having to do it illegally.

What Is Your Solution?

A mobile art truck that brings mobile art walls to young people so they can practice their art. Create events and workshops that young people can practice the art so they can be good enough to produce art for public wall spaces that the community are proud of.


Support Required


We welcome any advice from industry partners to help us with our idea.

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Narromine High School