We care for the people out there.

Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Project Team:

Ava, Natalie, Agok, Julia, Pria, Muenge, Anelise

Problem Statement

How might we reduce bullying and help those who have experienced bullying or hardship?  

Customer / Problem

25% of people in the world have a diagnosed mental health disorder and only 1/3 of these people seek help with their problems. People with mental health issues feel different and excluded from society. They do not feel safe at school, can often feel overwhelmed, and are commonly not understood by their peers. We aim to help people with mental health problems alongside their families, teachers and other school students who are affected. 


Our solution is a social enterprise that sells stress and anxiety relieving tactile products to assist those who are affected by hardship, such as mental health issues, bullying, stress, anxiety and behavioural issues. The materials used in the production of our products will be sourced locally, supporting local businesses, and the profits will fund free and reduced cost counselling sessions run by medical experts. Our products will also raise awareness for those affected by hardship while letting people know that we, society, cares. 

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Seaton High School



South Australia


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