Catch-Up Community

To bring communities together and to welcome new people into diverse communities.

Student Project

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Current Status:

New Idea

Support Required:

Project Team:

Priyanka, Magda

Problem Statement

The world is very connected and multicultural now but sometimes people don't understand or appreciate diverse cultures in communities. 

Customer / Problem

Our customers are people moving to new communities and the new communities who are welcoming them. 


This app can help people to get to know their new community and vice versa. There will be community updates, monthly events and the opportunity to host small cultural events where the community can get to know one another and the different cultures they all come from. You can also volunteer for beach cleanups, fundraisers and other community activities. This will achieve more diversity in the communities and brings everyone together. It will help newcomers settle in and feel welcome and also participate in new activities. 

Catch Up Community Flyer

Support Required


We need funding support for creating the app and promoting it to others.


We need technical support to create the app. 

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