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Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Project Team:

Alexi , Montana , Rhianna, Kyra, Serenity

Problem Statement

COVID-19 has meant there are many restrictions placed on sporting teams and competitions and it is difficult for teams to train and take part in competitions. This can make people feel disconnected and deflated. 

Customer / Problem

Those who get their fitness and social activity from sporting teams are missing those opportunities during COVID. 


Our solutions is an app that helps people to stay connected with their favourite sports during COVID whilst also encouraging them to be active. The app has interactive games that people can take part in as a team. Their team works together to gain points, with the winning team taking home the prize of a supply of equipment for their association that they can use once competitions and team sports start again.

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AEG Clarence Valley Anglican Grafton 2020



New South Wales


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