D.E.A.D Beach Huts | People at school are not able to go and sit inside in the heater or A/C when it is too hot or cold outside.

Project Team:

Dénicci , Emaan , Ana , Darbi


New Idea

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

How might we be able to build a space for students where we don't need as many teachers to supervise?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are students in years 7-10 who are outside during recess and lunch in the summer. It is too hot and they want a drink or iced lolly and to sit inside or in the shade but there is none. 

What Is Your Solution?

We propose shelter in the form of beach huts in the school playground run by students. We would charge a small amount for use of the hut and extra for drinks and iced lollies. This would mean that students could cool down and relax while still able to be supervised by the teachers on duty in the playground. 

DEAD Beach Huts Prototype

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