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New Idea

Social Purpose

Responsible Consumption & Production

What is the problem you found?

How might we reduce the waste created by party events?

Customer / Problem

Parties are a great way for people to connect socially and unwind. However, most parties generate an excessive amount of waste, with tonnes of plastic from themed social events going to landfill every year.

What Is Your Solution?

We will introduce a service that provides eco-friendly, zero-waste "parties in a box" as an alternative to traditional party packs. Included in the packs will be items such as paper based decorations, metal cups and straws, reusable cutlery and effects such as lights and smoke machines.

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An added benefit of our service will be its reduced price - due to the fact that the majority of the materials are reusable, customers will pay significantly less than they would for single use party materials. We are not only saving the planet but saving those extra dollars too!


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