Do you get me?

To improve communication with people who speak different languages or are deaf

Student Project

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New Idea

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Project Team:

Emily McLean, Amelia Wong, Alexandra Peeva, Ariba Omar


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Problem Statement

How might we communicate better with people who speak different languages or are deaf and can't speak? Especially in public transport, hospitals, shops, doctor surgeries, hotels, libraries etc.

Customer / Problem

The customers are people who are deaf or can't speak other languages. It is important people know what you are saying as if you were in hospital and speak a different language how are the nurses supposed to know how you are feeling and what happened. Lots of people use Google translate but what if you don't have a phone you need a device that is in a lot of places that you can speak into which will tell you what the person is saying in a different language or what they are trying to say to you in sign language.


The solution for this idea is to make everyone understand each other no matter if you can't hear or can't speak the language they are speaking. This device should be used in a lot of places where people can use them that need to. This is very important for people who don't have a phone as they can't just get their phone out and google it. It would be audio as well as visual.

How To Use The App "Do you get me?"

Business needs to login with username and password.

1.    Select language/ Can’t hear.

2.    Type, speak or visual.

3.    Do it.

4.    Translates

5.    Reads aloud/ shows visual.                       

6.    Say done.                                                     

Support Required


We would like connections to who we contact to not only promote are idea but sponser us and help it become worldwide.


We would like someone to back our idea and support us.


We would like someone to help us make the app and promote our idea and give us advice on how to make it work better.


We would like someone to put us on the right path to make it come realistic.

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