Employment for Single Parents | Helping unemployed or low income earning single parents find a job that suits them, pays well and still gives time to spend with their children

Project Team:

Isabella , Ivy , Thenu


New Idea

Social Purpose

Reduced Inequality

What is the problem you found?

How might we help single parents who find it hard to gain employment and experience financial hardship?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are single parents who are seeking to gain employment. They are those who are struggling to get employment and are experiencing or at risk of financial hardship. 

What Is Your Solution?

We will create an app that single parents can create a profile on including their job history and skills. The app will then match them with job opportunities as they become available. This decreases the amount of time needed to be spent applying for jobs and allows single parents to be considered first. 

Support Required


We would like to partner with both an app developer and a government job provider to create the best approach for implementation. 

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Rossmoyne Senior High School