Equal Third Place: Edu-Level-Up | A way for students to stay motivated and engaged during remote learning.

Project Team:

Cooper B , Adler P


New Idea

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

Research across Sydney, Cairns and Bendigo across private and public schools, and from reputable online sources, tells us up to 50% of students are disengaged during online learning.

Students like hands-on experiences during learning in ways that are tailored to their needs and show them their progress. The students we interviewed told us they had problems with completing work and staying on task. This caused them to fall behind.

How might we engage and motivate students to get involved with school work while they are learning remotely?

Customer / Problem

Being disengaged with school work during this time impacts students' development and their job opportunities in the long run. Students also feel disconnected from their school, teachers and friends during this time.

Teachers and students are both experiencing this challenge.

Rewards based methods tend to engage students into doing good work, which is good for both teachers and students to tap into.

What Is Your Solution?

Edu-Level-Up is a website that incorporates techniques like gamification and incentives to encourage and reward students for their work. Students get rewarded for completing their work with anything from gift cards to game items. This incentivises students to get their work done, where they might not have otherwise. There are also leaderboards, encouraging students to compete with their friends to be on top.

Our product benefits both teachers and students. Students get their work done, and they also get rewarded for doing it. Teachers can get students who previously wouldn't do any work to do work!

Edu-Level-Up is unique in the way students are rewarded. Our market research looked into what teenagers want, and we provide them with those rewards. We believe that our service will be the most effective way on the market to make students engaged and interested in their work. 

Our impact will allow students who previously may not have had the motivation to complete work, to finally have motivation. Our product will help stop students from failing or falling behind, and therefore help them get into a better career, or work in their dream job.

Support Required


Connections into gaming or development companies who can support us to develop a minimum viable product platform that is ready to test.


We would welcome advice about the uniqueness of our product and the features we can continue building into it! We would also love a set of test users to give us feedback.

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