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Destressing and reducing the confusion around home learning for young people!

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Rhiannon K

Problem Statement

Students and teachers are getting stressed due to home learning. Communication between students and their classmates and teachers is difficult during home learning. Communication can be disorganised and it is hard to connect with teachers for students.

Customer / Problem

My product is targetted at teachers and students from local high schools. This could also be targetted at wellbeing staff from schools. It could be adapted for primary schools and further education. 

The problem students experience is stress from trying to engage in school work during a pandemic, and for teachers, to engage students during this time. I am trying to make communication between students and their classmates easier, in a way that helps their teachers as well. 

By not being organised and calm in such a situation, students feel unsure about how to navigate an online environment. It is important they have a feeling of safety and control to help navigate their academics and support their mental health.


Study Sync is an easy to use app that gives students control over their study schedules, their work and their mental health. The app is designed to help with easy communication between classes and allows students to easily organise their work and the support they need to finish it. The platform also allows for connections to mental health organisation to keep users safe and healthy.

Study Sync is unique because it allows collaboration with the whole class and supports everyone to be involves. Noone is left behind. It keeps students accountable for the work they are doing (or not doing!). It stops people from overworking or underworking on a subject using an alarm and help/ chat feature. The app also directly links users to mental health support and self-support services like meditation. 

Some example of what a user would see are below!

Home or landing page - Study Sync

Subject support pages - Study Sync

Support Required


Connections to schools and mental health organisations to see whether they might be interested to fund or collaborate on this idea!


Advice in creating a Minimum Viable Product and to help the features that make this solution unique and interesting, stand out.

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