Promoting the livelihood of local farmers and providing entry level and disability employment services

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Tegan Hatfield

Problem Statement

How might we create a marketplace in which farmers can profit from selling directly to the public?

Customer / Problem

There is currently no profitable marketplace within the Hay region that allows farmers to sell their small scale produce directly to the public.



Our solution is to set up a digital marketplace in which farmers from the Hay region can sell their produce directly to the local community. We aim to do this through the use of an app - Farm2Family. Farm2Family would allow the customer to access a direct-order, courier service that would deliver fresh local produce directly from Hay's regional farms to its families. The benefits of this business venture would be numerous and have a significant positive impact on the members of the Hay community, such as:

  • the convenience of a beyond trading hours, door-to-door service, 
  • the quality assured by paddock to plate knowledge,
  • the equity of access provided by direct delivery, 
  • a sustainable source of employment - not only for Hay's farmers but also for local employees who would work as couriers for the product,

and finally;

  • through our social enterprise, Farm2Family, we would be promoting entry level and disability employment opportunities.

a prototype for the home-screen of the app

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