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Improve farmers quality of life through automation

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Georgia, Olivia

Problem Statement

How might we improve farmers lives through automation of chores that take them away from their families?

Customer / Problem

We have both grown up on properties around QLD and have seen that the chore that takes the longest time is fencing.

We want farmers to have more worklife balance!


The solution is an app with drone footage of the fencing lines on your property.

Every morning when you check your app you will be able to visually see any fences that have problems. Green will indicate no problem, red will indicate there is an issue. If there is a breakage, cattle might be getting through.

These will be detected by sensors. If there is a loss of tension on the fence the sensor will detect the breakage.

If you have cattle on that fence line you can set real-time alerts so you don't lose any cattle.

Girls pitching while showing the prototype of their solution as described below. It is hand-drawn






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