The Finley Fun Hub | How might we create an entertainment hub for isolated youth?

Project Team:

Mikayla Simpson , Daisy Daniel , Abbey A'voral , Sophie O'Donnell , Claire Ingram


New Idea

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

The local youth are bored after school and they aren't interacting with each other. There is no communal entertainment or activities so students sit on their phones at home which can lead to isolation and ultimately mental health issues.

Customer / Problem

The local youth can be anyone of the ages 8 -16 year olds from the Berrigan Shire and many do live far distances from Finley. Many rely on buses provided by the local schools to get home whilst many parents still work in local townships and surrounding areas.

What Is Your Solution?

Create a local hub or community centre in which students can learn how to operate with the help of local mentors. The centre will hold activities, competitions and immersion afternoons to provide students with a wealth of new opportunities they may not get at home or at school. Things like art, dance competitions, exploration many opportunities with the internet of things, cooking classes.


The hub will be situated in the local area and resources will be housed in flexible and moveable storage units which can be moved from location to location. So that if there are any empty retail spaces in town the hub can be setup in these spaces like a pop up. The hub will also be supported by a bus service for students to return home.


All youth will be charged a monthly subscription fee and to enter competitions their will be a small fee to cover costs.

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