Green Day | Inspiring OLMC Burraneer to lead our communities and switch to green energy.

Project Team:

Jessica Spurrier , Vivienne Lammers , Maeve Hackett , Abbey Long


New Idea

Social Purpose

Climate Action

What is the problem you found?

How might we increase environmental action in our communities? 

Customer / Problem

Our customers are young people who will suffer the consequences if no action is taken on the environment now, and who are aware of the lack of action by our leaders today in our schools and in major companies too.

What Is Your Solution?

The green energy for our school project will raise awareness and money to enable our school to make the switch to green energy. We will use this to energise the rest of the Sydney Catholic schools to follow suit. We intend to use this as an example of how to start green energy institutions and companies around Sydney and across Australia.


Support Required


Please support us to raise the funds we need for this project.


To make this possible, we need ideas, especially about how to get the funds we need.

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