The Juicy Boys | The Juicy Boys aim to reduce food waste within society.

Project Team:

Luke , James , Isaac , River


New Idea

Social Purpose

Zero Hunger

What is the problem you found?

How might we reduce food waste within society?

Customer / Problem

We are providing Top Juice with fruit and vegetables that would be thrown out by supermarkets so that they can create delicious smoothies whilst working for a good cause. A major problem within society is the amount of food wasted due to overconsumption and through 'The Juicy Boys' we aim to extinguish wasted food in supermarkets in Sydney.

What Is Your Solution?

We are providing companies such as Top Juice with fruit and vegetables that were about to be thrown out by supermarkets. This reduces food waste within the community. We must make sure to test the quality and to transport the fruits and vegetables quickly so that they don't worsen in condition or taste worse. 

Support Required


What companies will be willing to support our cause?


We require funding to purchase fruits and vegetables but also to pay a driver for transportation.


How can we provide fruits and vegetables if we can't drive?


How can we further develop our company?

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