Juvenile Justice Opportunity Program | Helping inmates of detention centres develop skills for a stable future

Project Team:

Kasia , Ainsley , Maisie , Caitlin , Shreekhae


New Idea

Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

How might we help kids in Juvenile Detention Centres to be job-ready when they re-enter mainstream society?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are the kids in Juvenile Detention Centres. They experience prejudice and limitations in the work environment due to their incarceration and past actions. They struggle to find work and struggle to maintain their jobs.

What Is Your Solution?

The Juvenile Justice Opportunity Program brings practical job and foundational skills training to young people in Detention Centres. Our program will boost the chances of inmates to assimilate into normal society with the ability to take care of themselves in the future and contribute meaningfully to the community. The skills taught cover areas including job-ready skills, job-seeking skills, interview skills and the skills to thrive in the workplace.

Support Required


We need support from professionals such as teachers, psychologists and counsellors who might be interested in partnering with us.

Are there existing programs out there that we can partner with to achieve our vision?


What can we do to improve our idea?

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