Let's Talk - Help Network

Making communicating about problems in life possible, easy and anonymous

Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Project Team:

Malachi, Jack, Retrouvailles, Sophia, Tom


Lismore High School

Problem Statement

How might we make it possible to communicate anonymously about negative social experiences allowing others understand what different people are going through and depending on the situation get help from appropriate sources?

Customer / Problem

The audience of this project are primarily young people in the Northern Rivers area who have experienced any type of social inequities such as discrimination, physical abuse and verbal abuse. They feel that they can't talk about their experiences and the way they feel without being shut down and/or ridiculed.


The Let's Talk - Help Network solution is an app through which people can talk freely about their problems. Other users on the app will see these problems and will be able to understand and relate to them. Users will also be able to receive advice from people who have experienced similar problems and from professional therapists anonymously.


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