Mentora | Helping year 7s to connect and settle in to high school.

Project Team:

Maryam , Simone , Renae


New Idea

Social Purpose

Quality Education

What is the problem you found?

How might we assist fresh year 7s transitioning into high school from different environments to find their places and connect with their peers quickly?

Customer / Problem

Our customers are students transitioning to high school from different environments. Students experience many hardships when transitioning in high-school such as getting used to new school environments and meeting new class mates, not knowing how high school works compared to primary school and not knowing how to make friends. There are not many helpful structures to help these students through the early stages of their journey.

What Is Your Solution?

Mentora is a simple but effective app designed as a personal companion for year 7 students as they adapt to the terrifying high school journey. The app has a range of different sections, fitted for every student to use in times of need, from event calendars to anonymous Q&A pages. Mentora also includes one-on-one private chats that students can have with other students in any year level, to talk to when confused about something or just simply to talk.

Mentora includes a calendar for events, FAQ page, personal profile, quizzes, private chats, suggestions box, requests to chat etc. With Mentora, transitioning into high school will be much easier and relieve a lot of unnecessary stress that many students have to go through.

Support Required


We would appreciate any funding support to help us manage and market the app to schools across Australia.


We would appreciate support to help us develop this app.

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