Mimmy Art

Providing opportunities and recognition for aspiring artists

Student Project

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Simone, Mia

Problem Statement

How might we provide young artists with an entry point into the art world?

Customer / Problem

Young people are intrinsically deeply creative, however many feel as if it is not viable to pursue their artmaking practices due to the art world's exclusivist attitudes. This discourages young people from achieving their creative potential and therefore ignores a huge and prolifically creative demographic.


Mimmy Art is a digital platform which hosts events for young artists, in order to inspire art making in youth while also generating exposure for youth art. Projects and competitions such as a denim Design Jam would be held on a regular basis with opportunities for young people to submit entires through the site. The site would also give young artists a platform to be seen and heard, giving them a much needed opportunity to showcase and fund their art.

the girls behind mimmy art featured with a prototype design

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