Minority Muse

To create a safe work and school environment for LGBTQIA+ young people.

Student Project

Social Purpose:

Current Status:

New Idea

Project Team:

Zoe, Anita, Alice, Eva, Gemma


Woodleigh School

Problem Statement

How might we create a more inclusive environment for LGBTQIA+ people?

Customer / Problem

Adults and young people who may feel confused or are not familiar with LGBTQIA+ terminology, identities and needs. As young people find new ways to express their true selves, older generations may experience confusion, difficulty finding information, and detachment. This can foster misunderstanding, prejudice, and diminish intergenerational relationships. 


A youth led group that educates adults and young people on gender identity and the LGBTQIA+ community. 

This would comprise of workshops travelling around to different groups of adults discussing different terminology, the lived experience of gender diverse and queer people, as well as ways of being a good ally.

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