Mooshroom Pact

Educating youth to care for animals

Student Project

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New Idea

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Project Team:

Steph, Jayde, Renae, Karina, Sally

Problem Statement

The problem we explored was the unfair treatment of animals and a lack of education around owning a pet in Australia. There are between 2.1-6.3 million stray cats within Australia, indicating a need for action to be taken on how to lower this number. We asked 'how might we educate pet owners to care of their pets?'

Customer / Problem

Students need to learn about the real responsibilities, as well as the benefits, of owning a pet. 


The Mooshroom Pact is creating educational programs in partnership with local animal shelters allowing students to learn the responsibilities that come with owning an animal.

By creating opportunities for students to learn how to care for an animal they will be educated before making a drastic choice.

Working with shelter workers we hope to teach basic care of animals, including ethical product use, diet and healthcare.

Support Required


The school will need funds to pay for some of these activities which could come from school funding, community fundraising or the local council. 

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