Tackling youth addiction to screens

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How might we reduce screen usage in young people while simultaneously increasing physical activity?

Customer / Problem

With the digital age in full boom, young people are spending too much time using their screens. This is affecting youth wellbeing and decreasing time spent engaging in essential physical activity, as well as impacting on engagement with the community and the outside world. Our main target is concerned parents of children who struggle with a screen addiction.


Our solution is an app called MOVE. The app will be included in each phone's utilities, meaning the user can't delete it once the software has been installed. It will also span the use of smart watches such as Fitbits. MOVE will work by setting a screen time limit for the user, which, once met, will lock the user out of all programs on the phone (other than basic contact functions). The app will then activate a tracker which the user can follow to "buy back" screen time through a required amount of physical activity (eg steps) in order to use their phone again. In this way, our solution will not only help to reduce youth screen time, but also increase physical activity and real-world engagement.

a graphic which demonstrates the conversion of screen time into exercise

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