My Job | Making it easier for people of all ages to find jobs

Project Team:

Videl , Talia , Kelsea , Jasmin


New Idea


Merrimac State High School

Social Purpose

Decent Work & Economic Growth

What is the problem you found?

How might we create more job opportunities?

Customer / Problem

Finding a job has become a hard and arduous task. Our customers are people who have lost their job during the Covid-19 Pandemic and are having trouble to find work. Some of these people are struggling to pay rent and have the fear that they could potentially become homeless. 


What Is Your Solution?

The "My Job" app enables people to easily find job opportunities that suit their individual needs.

Users can build their own profile by adding their resume and cover letter. People looking for jobs can explore a range of new jobs listed by companies to find a job that suits them. Companies can also use the app to develop advertisements for jobs needed within their company. "My Job" not only helps customers find jobs, but helps a company find employees.

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