Note To Self | Teenagers need encouragement to love themselves and radiate confidence.

Project Team:

Isabelle Muller , Olivia Thorpe , Aurelia Duncan , Sophia Bissell


New Idea

Social Purpose

Good Health & Wellbeing

What is the problem you found?

How might we promote self-love and confidence in teenage girls and boys?

Customer / Problem

Facebook (Instagram) 

Their users don't feel confident and positive. 

Social media plays a big role in influencing young people's decision-making, Facebook will benefit from this add on as it will encourage its customers to continue using the app. By projecting more confidence teenagers can feel more comfortable with using social media. 

What Is Your Solution?

Pop up comments that inspire self-love and confidence in social media apps.

It's really important that we share our knowledge. We have been exposed to first-hand influences in society so we aim to communicate our advice through accessible messages that promote self-love and confidence.Note to Self Prototype 

Support Required


To accomplish our objective we require the support from social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This is extremely important because connecting with social media will be the easiest and most effective way to reach our target audience and make a difference. Working with social media such as Instagram will also help with funding to continue to expand our brand. 


Development is always needed to further improve our business, we aspire to constantly excel and create an add-on that helps to inspire body positivity and confidence. Since we are using social media, the influence of celebrities to advertise our brand of Note to Self would be a great way to create continuous development of our brand. 

We also aim to continue to create awareness of what our goal is and why we are creating Note to Self. This means that we aim to make campaigning a branch of our business and we will need support to develop this.  

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