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So can there be a more REWARDING way to travel to and from work?

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Mr Endacott , Mr Gemmell , Mr Edmunds , Mr Fowell , Mrs Shawcross

Problem Statement

How might we create benefits for residents who use alternative transport rather than cars?



    Customer / Problem

    Problem 1: Traffic congestion on the Northern Beaches.

    Problem 2: Reduced trade for small to medium business during the weekdays in Manly.

    Can there be a more REWARDING way to travel to and from work?

    To help improve:

    1. Environmental issues
    2. Economic/productivity loss
    3. Health issues
    4. Support for local business



    Opal Travel Rewards

    Tap, earn and return - by using public transport will provide you with local rewards to use with local businesses. A reward system to encourage the use of public transport in the Northern Beaches.

    Track your Impact: Receive weekly updates informing you of the impact that you are making. These include information about environmental, social, cultural and health issues.

    KM’s Travelled: The more KM’s that you travel the more credits that your accumulate. Each journey earns credits (1 km = 1 credit during peak hours (6.30am - 9.30am on weekday mornings)  4.30 - 7.30pm weekday nights

    Rewards: These include a number of deals to be used in participating local businesses (Manly Money) as well as Carbon Credits to use towards planting new trees in the local area. Off peak times the credit will increase to 1 km - 3 credits during the hours of 9.90 am - 4.30 pm. 7.30 pm  - 6.30 am



    Support Required


    We would like to present this in front of Manly Council and Local Businesses.

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    St. Paul's Catholic College, Manly



    New South Wales


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